Wayne King

The consciousness that had fallen on the street corner was picked up and it went to "Cafe · Forbidden". I realize myself as a ghost because there is no real condition. I do not remember life but I am probably younger than any of the members, I like new things with a curious character. While playing with PCs and smartphones from the constitution that can possess possession from things, the knowledge of IT gets deeper and becomes information collector. I usually adhere to Tauryu and are in charge of cleaning and miscellaneous use.

Appearance Edit

Since Wayne was first introduced as a ghost, he took form of a mannequin that he saw during the earlier episodes.

However, he didn't have his body but despite of that, he appeared in front of the backup as a Demon Mannequin with yellow eyes instead of green.

Personality Edit

He is shown to be intelligent where he can easily figure out what to do and thinks ahead than most of his companions. He isn't afraid to be straightforward about his opinions, even going so far calling Ton as "The most useless person within the group".

Wayne's alternate personality is a destructive umbra referred to as 'the lord of gluttony' (bōshoku no omo [暴食の主]). This is revealed when Vlad appeals to Lord of Gluttony to 'do something' and make sure Shinyao and Ton survive the battle. This form is also previously revealed in the raid on Midnight Sun as mentioned above.

Relationships Edit

  • Baileu Ton- They get along because of his optimistic behavior and Ton's cooperation with him on tech.
  • Sha Rijan- During her time, he, Vlad, Luke, and Tauryu respected her as their leader because of her strong desire to show the world that Umbra-human coexistance is possible.
  • Vlad & Luke & Tauryu- Wayne would tease them whenever it comes to Ton. Tauryu always tries to clean up Wayne's mannequin face after gobbling up the food in a manner, from which he is gets bothered about, and he strict about clean appearance.

Abilities Edit

Wayne is shown to also have the ability to possess low-level umbra when he possesses one of the umbra that Haysin summoned, in order to protect Ton. Throughout the series, Wayne has an ambiguous role until the final episodes.

Trivia Edit

  • Wayne has two personalities, one is where we see his calm and happy side. While the other is quite the opposite( as shown in episode 10) and desires the destruction of the humanity, but is overpowered by the calm Wayne.
  • Wayne's virtual form did not exist before he possessed the mannequin, when he decided he liked that form and used it as a virtual avatar. Previously, he was only a voice.