Originally created to be a weapon of mass destruction. Believing that he should have a heart, Sha Rijan saved him from self-destructing.

Personality Edit

Tauryu is extremely loyal, showing signs of unrest if something were to happen to Baileu Ton due to the fact she looked like her Great-Grandmother. Sometimes shows unnecessary concerns like teaching Ton how to be more like her great-grandmother, or how to take care of her appearance since Rijan has more lady-like appearance.

History Edit

Before meeting the rest of the members of Cafe Forbidden, he was first seen destroying buildings, setting things on fire, while fighting Sha Rijan. At the end, Sha Rijan managed to overcome this battle by putting a Talisman on his forehead. Thus, giving him a heart in process.

Relationships Edit

  • Baileu Ton - He is concerned for her well being, which makes him strict about her appearance. Although that's true, he loves how she is brave just like Sha Rijan. He would also claim that he is fine to not become a burden, but then Ton would insist to run for his care.
  • Sha Rijan- She is the first human to have treated him.
  • Vlad- Not much interaction has been shown, but Vlad seems to care that he'd need to have a heart even as a tool. They appear to cooperate well.
  • Luke- They appear to work together. He does not seem to notice that Vlad and Luke get jealous whenver he respects Ton in his care.
  • Wayne- Not much interaction occured between the two, but they would do anything to help Ton whenever necessary.

Trivia Edit

  • He comes from the same place where Baileu Ton is originally from.