Sha Rijan

Popular among the Umbra due to her occupation as the Umbra Hunter, she opened "Cafe Forbidden" 100 Years ago. She had an unnamed child.

Relationships Edit

  • Baileu Ton- Her great-granddaughter whom Rijan passed down her magical ring to her.
  • Vlad Garfunkel- Not much interaction has been shown, but Vlad had feelings for her and blames himself for not protecting her. It is unknown what happened to her in the end hundred years ago.
  • Tauryu - She believes he has a heart even when he was a tool that was out of control. That is why she put a talisman on his eyes to control him and to give him a heart.
  • Luke & Wayne- Also not much interaction occurs or appears, but it is evident that they, along with Vlad and Tauryu, pay their respects to her wishes for coexistance even today.
  • Haysin- It is revealed that he was her elder brother and Ton's great uncle. Because of his desire for power, he ended up being immortal.