Luke Bowen (ルーク・ボーエン, Rūku Bōen) is a werewolf and chef in Cafe Forbidden.

Personality Edit

He loves to cook and is his main job in the café. He is the energetic one of the group. He puts his friends first before himself. He Whenever Vlad brags about his work, tea, and his speeches about himself, Luke gets bothered and reminds him that he, Wayne, and Tauryu have done more work. He enjoys teasing Ton.


To the contrary to the bright and cheerful personality, in fact, he has a splendid past who destroyed his hometown with his brother and broke up with his younger brother. It is one-time thick in emotional thoughts, but it tends to act as emotions and has many failures.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Luke has access to the following abilities a werewolf would have:

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Regeneration

Trivia Edit

  • According to him, Umbra cannot die. Which explains why Vlad was able to survive the attack on him made by Helsing.

Relationships Edit

Baileu Ton- Ever since they met, he saved her from Vlad "flirting with her". He welcomed her when Vlad did not. Ever since she helped and comforted him for not protecting his brother, he started to have feelings for her in which he claimed later on. He would tease her and she would either laugh or get flaustered.

Chris- As Luke's brother and enemy, Chris blames him for trusting the humans who "destroyed their hometown" while Luke claimed that other Umbra have done it. They get along since Chris met and protected Shinyao to each other eventually and become allies.

Vlad- Vlad gets upset whenever Luke brings his dishes to their customers since they contain garlic and since he is a vampire. Although they have their opposites, they still cooperate.

Tauryu- They work together in a café and in battle. Not much interaction is shown, but he and Vlad would sometimes get jealous when Ton spends time with Tauryu due to the way her treats her with respect.

Wayne- Wayne helps and works with him along with Vlad and Tauryu in the café in memory of Sha Rijan.

Sha Rijan- Along with Vlad, Tauryu, and Wayne, he worked with Sha Rijan originally because she respected Umbra and believed Umbra and humans should coexist even if they are different.