Personality Edit

A manipulative man that will use any methods to achieve what he wants. He will kill any people that will stand on his way, even if they were on his side. Later in the episode, he revealed to have kidnapped Shinyao to drive Baileu Ton mad and activate more of her power.

History Edit

Haysin is a magic welder from a powerful clan , he killed his entire clan for their powers and consuming their powers so he can live forever and become more powerful,

Powers and Abilities Edit

He can summon using the Talisman.

Relationships Edit

  • Baileu Ton - First met her when she ran after the goblin that stole their stuff, he knew that she will be somewhat annoying to his cause and tried to get rid of her every time an opportunity rises. Wants to use her to gain what he called his "own immortality" and is an great great uncle of ton.
  • Tauryu - He created Tauryu to cause massive destruction.
  • Sha Rijan - Is a younger sister, and an ememy to her unnamed brother ( Haysin) .

Trivia Edit

  • Belongs to the Organization, "Midnight Sun" that aims extinction and annihilation of the Umbra.
  • Creator of Tauryu and Jack the Ripper.