Chris is an Umbra that changes into a werewolf.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Chris is the younger brother of Luke. Used to live in a village before it was destroyed by their fellow kind, believing that it was because of the influence of the Humans. He began to hate them, but he hates his older brother more, Luke. For betraying their kind.

Relationships Edit

  • Mu Shinyao - He shows kindness to her (likely because of the promised he made to protect her), although he says he hates humans, he somehow acts differently.
  • Luke Bowen - The older brother, he despises him due to the fact that he betrayed their kind and ended up following the humans, causing a rift between their relationship.
  • Haysin - He works under him but Chris doesn't blindly follow him, he also questions his actions.

Trivia Edit

  • Thought to be the kidnapper of Shinyao, but episode 7 prove otherwise.