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He is a computer genius for the company Snowmary (but also for Midnight Sun). He is voiced by Kōsuke Toriumi and first appears in episode 7. He plays a major role toward the end of the series.

Appearance Edit

He has messy blond hair with a wrench bandage in front of his nose. He wears sport attire clothes with a headset hanging around on his neck.

Personality Edit

He is shown to be merciless and has poor judgement. He acts recklessly. He desires the destruction of all umbra, and is not afraid to manipulate and harm people to achieve his goals. He is shown to be very sadistic, deliberately manipulating others into fighting and treating it as a game.

Plot Edit

He was first introduced on Episode 07, obeying orders from Helsing or asking for orders from him. When Helsing stopped giving him orders, he acted on his own, but it turns out that his judgement is poor. Since he tried to kill Baileu Ton, who he mistakenly believes is an Umbra.

He is later shown laughing at the main protagonist when Wayne is killed within the computer he is operating on. This turns out to be untrue when Wayne suddenly destroys the mini-guns and computers and appear in front of him.

After the battle between Van Helsing and Vlad, Backup is exposed to be the true mastermind of midnight sun. He develops an 'improved magic mirror app' capable of controlling all five senses and uses this to manipulate Shinyao into 'saving' all the umbra to achieve his personal goals.

He often proposes 'games' with Haysin, plotting Ton and Shinyao against each other, or using them as pawns for his own amusement.

Trivia Edit