Phantom in the Twilight (Japanese: ファントム イン ザ トワイライト Hepburn: Fantomu in za Towairaito) is a Japanese and Chinese anime television series produced by the game developer Happy Elements and animated by the studio Liden Films. The series premiered on July 9, 2018. A manga adaptation was launched in March of 2018.

Episodes Edit

1."Those Who Live in the Twilight" "Tasogare ni ikiru mono" (黄昏に生きるもの)

July 9, 2018

2. "Shadows Who Fight Shadows" "Kage to tatakau kage-tachi" (影と戦う影たち)

July 16, 2018

3. "Twisted Bond" "Nejiretakizuna" (ねじれた絆)

Crew Edit

Directed by: Kunihiro Mori

Produced by: Happy Elements

Written by: Fumiaki Maruto and Shunsaku Yano